Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It has been long since I wrote my last blog entry. Haven't flown since my last flight for my PPL and I'm still waiting...

Waiting for my licence. I phoned the flight school yesterday and they told me it will be in my hands in two weeks. I hope that is true.
Waiting for the answer of the Studienkolleg. I can wait one and a half month more for that. Those things require time.
Waiting for the release of the Star Trek Movie here in Mexico. I've been watching tons of episodes of ST: The Next Generation and ST: Voyager. I really like Star Trek.
Waiting for the perfect woman... haha! who am I kidding.

Many times in life you wait for something. You can wait for your pizza to arrive or wait for the bus in a cold rainy day. Or waiting for the game to load in your PS3/PC.

Changing story:
I have a new Netbook :D It's an Acer Aspire One D150. It runs pretty good! It has a 10,1 inch screen, 160Gb Hard-Drive and 1Gb of RAM. Small and sleek hehe. I'll use it wherever I go. I'm amazed by the size and performance of it.

Well that's all. I'm very tired... good night.

I deleted my stupid crazy dream post.

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