Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almost there...

Moin moin

Not many news I can share to you... I already got my student visa and I'm just searching for cheap tickets to San Diego. Volaris has a direct flight to San Diego; the problem is, they only have flights for the 21st, 29th, 30th and 31st of march. I prefer to fly in the 29th so that I won't have to pay the march housing rent. The flights for the 29th and 30th have the expensivest rate Volaris offers. I'm hoping they'll give discounts in the 13th of march as they always do.

I've been studying with the Instrument Flying Handbook lately. I've learned and still learning many things I didn't know about instrument flying and it is great! That way I'll know many things when I begin my groundschool and simulator sessions of the instrument rating. It's also a good way to reduce the instructor time needed ($) to learn and 'digest' something new.

Human factors in instrument flying is very important. You must understand that the workload and procedures in instrument flying are very demanding. The handbook introduces you to single pilot resource management. It's basically to keep everything organized and manage the information available for the flight in a way that it won't affect the pilot's performance during the flight.
The handbook also gives you tons of information about icing and how it affects the performance of the airplane. A pilot must understand the weather basics very well and interpret the weather reports and services so that he or she does a thorough planning of the flight.
I'm currently learning about basic instrument flying and maneuvers. Instrument flying is awesome. It's a new way to gain more experience and proficiency. It also demands a better understanding and discipline.

I'll write more about instrument flying when going through the instrument rating phase of the flight training.

Bye for now...

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