Thursday, June 18, 2009

More IFR flying... and Star Trek

Hi, I've been very busy (uh lazy too) these days.

I watched the new Star Trek movie. It is AWESOME!!!! The effects, the story, the music! Most of the time I was like WOW! Absolutely brilliant!! It has been long since I saw a good movie. I hope they make more Star Trek movies. I won't make a good review like Aviatrix did, but I wrote my impressions :)

Today I made my last flight on the 172SP I've been flying for the instrument hours. Only 10 flight hours and not 15 as required, because I don't intend to have the instrument rating yet. I learned how to intercept inbound and outbound radials, how to make procedure turns, holding patterns (and the three different entries), DME-Arc and VOR approaches (same as a procedure turn). I don't want to sound too arrogant, but I'm very good at IFR flying :) and most important of all... I really enjoy and like it!
I'll give you different examples of IFR charts in future posts to have something educative.

Oh, I finally have my license!! :D After 3 months waiting I had it on my hand. Yesterday I sent the documents to the FAA in Oklahoma for my license conversion. Lets hope it doesn't take too long... I'm flying to Germany on the 14th July.
It's quite strange to think that my days in Mexico are counted (26 left). I already have a room in Hamburg and now I'm looking forward on planning all the baggage and packing for the flight. My flight route is Guadalajara-Mexico City-London Gatwick-Köln. The first leg with a Mexicana's Airbus A320, the second leg with a MXA's 767-200 and the third and final leg with an Easyjet's Airbus A319.
I'm anxious to be in Germany... I don't know what awaits me, but I like adventures. Everybody is curious to know what happens next, but sometimes curiosity killed the cat (Damn cookie... biggest mistake of my life. Got over it really fast though). You learn from your mistakes and try not to do them again. But everything is part of life :) Everything that can happen to you is part of your life. Good or bad.

I said in my first posts I wouldn't write more about the universe, but here's a wonderful video. Hope you liked it...

Before I publish this post... I lost my Ray Ban sunglasses. Looks like I forgot them in some place while in a hurry to file a flight plan in the airport. I'll just buy new ones.

Good bye. Live long and prosper lol.

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