Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Trip to Germany Part 1

Good morning! Today I began my journey to Germany. I'm writing now from the Mexico City airport and I'll be waiting here until it's 4:00pm.

I woke up at 5:30am and took a shower. After having a quick brakefast, we drove to the airport and proceeded to the check-in where everything went fluently. I said good-bye to my dad and we went through the security checkpoint. Strange they didn't say anything about my netbook and monitor. The original gate for our Mexicana Click flight 7473 was number 10, but it was changed to number 14. We still had a jetway :D I listened my scanner while waiting and then our beautiful Fokker 100 arrived. It was 5 minutes late, but what the heck!! ^^

I asked the captain if I could take a look into the flight deck and I did :) He told me that it wasn't allowed, but I could visit it when cruising. Pushback and start was very quick. The taxi to runway 28 too. We began the takeoff roll and I enjoyed the awesome symphony of those Rolls-Royce Tay 620-15. Of course, like every takeoff and ascent, it was amazing.

Just after leveling at FL330, the captain got out of the flight deck and told me to come in. He explained me the whole flight-deck panels and the MCDU (Mulifunction Control Display Unit) with all it's pages. We began our descent and just before passing through 17,000 feet, I returned to my seat (17,000ft because MMMX is at 7300ft and 10,000 AGL is the sterile flight deck rule).

We made the famous ILS-DME 05R approach procedure and landed. Taxiing to Gate 8 was pretty long and when the plane stopped and turn the engines off, the passengers started to disembark. I wanted to say good-bye to the captains, but the door wasn't open. I got out of the airplane and the flight-deck window was open, so I said bye to the crew hehe. It was funny.

After that, hmmm first impressions the Terminal 1 of Mexico City Airport: No platform/runway view, the concourse is very narrow and there are just too many stores!! Holy ...!! It's a mall.
But oh well... we are waiting and eating now in the restaurant/bar "Sala 21". Our flight to London-Gatwick (Boeing 767-200) MXA1594 departs at 17:45.

Next post in London! Have a good day.

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  1. Suerte en Alemania Daniel, sigo tu blog todos los dias jeje,

    Cuidate y un saludo¡

    atte. Memo (memopilot)