Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Trip to Germany Part 2

Hi there again! I’m writing from the airplane now. Just 3 hours to go!

Back there in the bar I saw the 767-200 being towed to our gate. So, I decided to go and hopefully meet the crew. There were not many people, but some started to arrive. I did see the crew, but didn’t meet them. Our scheduled departure was at 5:45pm, but the flight was delayed for 50 minutes. The aft restroom was inoperable and maintenance fixed it. We started boarding and my seat was originally 15C, but when I sat there, a guy asked me if we could change seats, because his wife and kid were on the next seats. I said yes and the good thing was that the middle seat was empty.

Pushback and startup were quick. I think they started the engines before pushing back. I began to chat with the guy on the other seat of my row as we taxied to runway 05R. The takeoff was very cool (of course) and there was some rain and clouds. As we reached cruising altitude (35000ft), the flight attendants gave us the flight kit. I don’t remember at what time after that began giving dinner. The option was pasta or chicken. I chose chicken and it was good.

The 767 is an awesome airplane and powerful of course. I just love when we have light turbulence and you move very cool. It’s just me you know. ^^

Sometime after dinner, I took some pictures and the lights were out so that we could sleep. I cannot sleep very easy on a plane. The “in-flight entertainment” sucked: One documentary about Las Vegas, a cartoon movie and then another shite cartoon movie. I tried to sleep, but did well after all. At about 7:00 GMT everybody started to wake up. I think the breakfast will be soon. Now 8:32 GMT and 2:08 hours to go…

Breakfast was eggs with beans. I didn’t eat them all, they weren’t tasty. We started descending and I could see land for the first time. It was an overcast sky and as we descended through the clouds, the turbulence began. The passengers next to me were nervous hehe it’s funny. The speed brakes came out and then the first degrees of flaps. The plane moved quite cool with the turbulence and there was some wind. The landing was cool and it seems we had some crosswind and some gusts. Major cool! Finally in Europe!

We taxied to the gate and we disembarked the airplane. As we walked in the jetway, I took a last look to our 767-200. It was the XA-MXO. We walked through ways to immigration. The passport control was very fast and we went to take our bags. Everything is very nice and organized, I like it. It took a while to have our bags and then we searched the Easyjet check-ins for our flight to Köln. When we found them, we had to form in the queue. It was quick and we had to check-in all bags. We received our boarding passes and walked to the departure gates. We had to go through security and it was very quick. We had to wait until the departures screen showed our departure gate. We waited some 10 minutes… gate number 2, let’s go!

We walked to our gate through some halls and we waited in the waiting room. There was some small delay and we started to board the cool Airbus A319. I sat three rows before the last one (I had an excellent wing view, but I wanted to seat in the front…). The passenger next to me was African-European and I thought it would be interesting. He was reading a book of Jeet Kune Do (Martial Arts). Pushback started and engines came to life. As you know, I like all kinds of airplane sounds and the engine-start and PTU sounds are very cool. We taxied to the runway and we hold short. We saw some airplanes taking off and landing and we got our takeoff clearance. Germany, here we go.

The takeoff was very cool because we had a crosswind. We turned to the right and looks like we flew over Dover. We crossed the English Channel very quick and I started chatting with the passenger next to me. We had a cool talk and I began to take pictures. Once above land, the descent began very quickly. We used speed brakes to descend more quickly without gaining speed. As we approached the airport, I could see the Rhine and the city of Köln. This landing was also windy (More fun for me! ^^).

We taxied to the gate and went through passport control, where everything was ok and we took our bags. My brother was waiting for us and as we got into the car, my trip was finished.

I hope you enjoyed my trip posts! Stay tuned for more.

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