Friday, December 11, 2009

Speedbirds and Maple Leafs!

Que tal como estan?

Some weeks ago I found a British Airways Captain Blog, who flies Boeing 777s all over the globe.
"The Flying Scotsman" is his Blog title. I found it thanks to Captain Doug Morris' Blog "From the Flight Deck". It is very cool to see how blogs are connected. It creates a net of aviation blogs I always like to read. They give me the motivation I need to continue my career and of course, I learn tons of new things.

Now studying in Hamburg for a german certificate (just one semestre to go), I am, have been, and will be totally concetrated on reaching my goal: To be an Airline Pilot.
I have a PPL and now I'm going to ground school for the PPL-(C), for gliders. Some of my friends have finished CPL training (with IR and MeR), but my goal is to fly for Lufthansa. It's a big goal for a guy born in Guadalajara, Mexico and it requires time and patience. If not training for a license or rating, I study everything aviation-related on the internet, books, etc. Nothing stops me from learning more and more to achieve that goal...

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  1. Hey daniel.
    también vi el blog del escoses, esta interesante, feliz año por cierto, deseo que todas tus metas se cumplan y sobre todo te acompañe la suerte y la buena salud....