Friday, December 26, 2008

The new Bonnie and scrambled eggs

Hello again... 4th Blog of "A pilot's story"

Sorry for the last blog, it was a bit aggressive. Christmas is a thing of the past... lots of reunions. Lots of gifts? Nope, not really. Perhaps new clothing. I'm looking forward to complete my flight hours; it's going to be great when I get my Private Pilot License.

Good and bad news:
The bad news is that the Cessna 182 (The XB-EUE) in which I've been flying all my life (since I was 2 years old) will be sold. I hope to fly in the EUE when I get my PPL to have some flights written in my logbook :) Last flight in the EUE I sat in the left seat. It was excellent! It was my first flight as pilot in command in the EUE and we flew over Tapalpa, a forest. It's my favorite plane.
The good news is they will buy a Beechcraft Bonanza A-36. In LFT they call it the "Bonnie". The A-36 is better in performance and seating than the C-182. You can put 5 passengers in it, plus the pilot, so the cost of a flight hour is divided between 6 and not 4 as in the C-182. It's better in every aspect, also because you can fly with 5 friends hehe.

Do you like going to the supermarket? I like it, don't know why (of course, when it is empty). I went to the supermarket like a month ago and I enjoyed it. The time passes by as you look all kinds of stuff and tasty food. I bought a T-Fal fry pan to cook my delicious scrambled eggs with ketchup in the morning. When I got home, I put all things in the fridge. It looks fine when it's full :D Well... that's just me.

The last three days I've been remembering the dreams I had. I usually don't remember my dreams. The strange thing is that in all of those three dreams it involves the same person. A woman. I remember very little about last dream. I think we were walking on a dirty road very far from civilization searching for something. We found a bus and we drove to somewhere. That's the last part. She was there... in all of those 3 strange dreams, but well... they are just dreams.

I've never been lucky with a woman. Perhaps in the future, but who knows... I think the-word-that-begins-with-L-and-finishes-with-E is not for me. Do I still think about somebody? Why saying yes... it's impossible. I hope to have more luck in Germany.
I always think that being with someone is good, because you can enjoy everything with her (well yes... that's logical). Whatever... I don't feel anything anymore.

Ok, I've gone too far with my thoughts... see you next time, good bye.

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