Saturday, December 20, 2008

Typical Saturday

This time I'll write my post in english. It would be good to mix some languages here at my Blog. Could be fun (but not for those who don't speak english, uh oh).

As you can see by the title, today was a typical saturday. I wrote my first blog today (yes, at 6 o' clock in the morning... didn't want to sleep) and before that I was in the flight simulator (FS2004 and yes, I've been flight simming since FS98) flying from Dortmund to Bremen. Just practicing IFR flight in Germany with the Mooney... route: OSN-R15-BASUM-T820-PIXUR, Osnabrück One Uniform Departure and flying to Flight Level 070. Pilot things as you can see. I recently decided to fly in Germany with my sim and know the procedures and differences from flying in Mexico. I downloaded the Charts and the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) from Germany at Eurocontrol's website. Very interesting and fun knowing the differences between one country and another. Not a complete different thing, beacause the aviation in the world is a standard thing, but there are some differences in other countrys.

Why Germany? Because I want to go to Germany and join Lufthansa Flight Training or plan B, the Luftwaffe. I sent an E-Mail to LFT and they told me to send my high school certificate...
Guess what? They told me that I had to do Studienkolleg. Studienkolleg is like an extra high school year for students from other countrys who want to study in Germany. No big deal, just another year in Germany if I want to stay there all my life ;)
I think the best place for Studienkolleg is Hamburg. Very nice city and the airport is 20 minutes apart (It's very important for me, you see). After that year I'll make my online-application for LFT. Is it difficult to join LFT? You bet. You have to pass three phases and you will be doing various tests: Basic technical and physical knowledge, english skills, logical thinking, maths, concentration, coordination, self-reflexion, ability to handle stress, discipline, etc. Last phase is the medical test.
I know... it looks hard, but it's worth it. Plan B, as I said, Luftwaffe. It's a 15 year service and you could fly the Eurofighter/Tornado or the Transall/Airbus 400, whether you decide to fly jets or trasport. Some say if you want to go from military to civil flying it's better to fly transport planes (Transall/Airbus 400) and you have the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence).

That's my situation nowadays. The only thing I have to do is waiting. It appears that my brother comes to Guadalajara in the middle of next year and flys back in July. Maybe I'm going with him to start my Studienkolleg in Hamburg in August. Who knows...

My typical saturday continues with music (Armin van Buuren and DJ Tiësto. Iron Maiden too) Have a good day. 4 days till xmas, see you.

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