Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chemtrails... say again?

I've been seeing TONS of videos of the so called "Chemtrails". I must say: What a bunch of @$%#!!. They say these trails are made of chemicals used to change the environment and make people sick. More at Wikipedia

I really don't know why people are thinking this. I just really don't get it. I remember my spanish teacher once asked me "Is it true that the trails planes throw away are chemicals?" I asked "Who said that??" "Somebody told me" I answered: "Well, he must be an assh..." Then I explained (of course, shorter):

Contrails: The clouds, which are made up of condensed vapor called condensation trails, or contrails, are generally produced by jets (turboprops also) flying between 25,000 and 45,000 feet in moist air. If the relative humidity is low, contrails may evaporate rather quickly, however, in high relative humidity conditions, contrails may remain visible for several hours. This indication of moisture content may point to other clouds and, possibly, precipitation moving into the area within the next day or two. And THAT'S IT!!

I laugh when they show photos and videos of contrails, saying they are "chemtrails". Also when they show a picture of an A-340/B-767/B-747 dumping fuel, stupidly misunderstanding it with "dumping chemicals".

I'll always laugh at them. Poor stupid ignorant people. Oh well... as I always say: There are too many assh. in this world.

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