Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flying away from bad weather...

We flew to Colima to do some touch and goes and after, we were flying at 7500 feet returning to Guadalajara. There was bad weather with rain heading to Chapala and we flew past that weather. We couln't see beyond Sayula, where we planned to fly by and decided to fly direct to Chapala. The visibility was good in Chapala and then landed at GDL without problems.

After closing the flight plan, I wanted to stay at the airport to see all the activity. I sat with my scanner in front of the commercial platform and I could see the bad weather I saw in my flight heading towards Guadalajara. I saw an Aeromexico 737 doing a go-around (discontinue the approach to try to land again), because the wind changed and obviously the runway changed (You have to land into the wind). I also saw an American Airlines Maddog (MD-80) pushing back and starting the engines. I love to hear airplane engines, specially the big airplanes. Every airplane has its unique sound and one of the best parts, for me, is the engine start. You can hear a "huuuum" when fuel is introduced and I just love that sound. Hehe but that's just me.

It began to rain. I think it was 4:30PM when I entered the first of the two buses to get home. 2 hour trip, but it's not big deal. Universal Religion 2008 helps me let the time go by. It began to get dark and the rain continued... Don't you have that feel when you think of someone and it's raining and you are hearing music? It's like, like... well I don't know how that is called.
I got off the bus and crossed the dark wet highway (uuuuh... scary huh?). I was tired and wet, but I finally got home.

It seems that I didn't flew away from bad weather after all...

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