Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Canadian aviation and props

I haven't wrote in my blog for a while. There's not much to tell. I should write more about aviation, because I want to make this blog an aviation blog.

So... where do I start? I've been reading a blog from a canadian pilot (A woman pilot) and she explains things very good. It's well worth it reading that blog from he beginning, as I'm doing it now. Of course, it's a blog and she writes all sort of things that happen in her life, but it gets very interesting when she writes about technical stuff. Like describing the PT6-A turboprop engine (The best turboprop engine ever made) and explaining how a constant speed propeller works (also the turboprop propeller). She put a link to an AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) brochure about "Propeller Safety" and it's very good!


I'll write about the differences of fixed pitch and constant speed propellers in the future, but I want to start describing the planes I fly: C-152 and C-182. The POHs will help this time ;) Of course, next time I fly, I'll write a very detailed post of all things a pilot must do. It will be parallel as I write about the C-152. It is very important to know how your airplane works and it's characterisitcs.

Just one last thing: Yesterday I saw a comment on one of my posts: "inche mamon inga tu madre" I don't know you and probably you don't know me. Please have more respect and maturity. You passed well beyond the line. Of course, I deleted it.

That's all, have a good day.

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